Are Calls To O2 Customer Service Free?

Is o2 customer service 24 hours?

Over the phone: If you are a Pay Monthly customer, please call 0344 8090202.

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, please call 0344 8090222.

If you are registered for Access For You please call 0344 4632669 (available Monday – Friday 8am-8pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 9am-6pm)..

Does it cost to call 0800 from a mobile?

Is there a charge for 0800 numbers? Calls to numbers beginning 0800 and 0808 are free from all landlines and mobiles. Yep, free! However, numbers such as 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 are more costly to ring, whether you’re calling from a landline or mobile.

How do I end my o2 contract?

To give notice just call 202 from your phone and tell CS you want to cancel… You can find out the end date of your contract in My O2 or by calling customer service. Just give 30 days notice over the phone.

Is 0344 a free number?

A call to an 0344 number costs the same as a call to a normal home or business landline. All numbers that start with 03 are charged at the same rate as normal local or national landline numbers that start with ’01’ or ’02’.

Does it cost to call o2 customer services?

0800 and 0808 numbers are free; it’s also free to call O2 Customer Service numbers. 090 / 091 numbers are premium rate numbers which are usually used for services such as horoscope readings, competitions and high-end technical support.

How do I get through to o2 customer services?

0800 977 7337 or +44 808 100 4439 if you’re abroad. If you have phone insurance, we’ll also help you make a claim and replace your mobile. If you need help regarding your Broadband or landline take a look at our support section here.

Are 03 numbers free?

Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and must count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. These rules apply to calls from any type of line including mobile, BT, other fixed line or payphone.

What time does o2 customer service?

0844 463 02 02 Lines open Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm….For any other Pay As You Go questions, check our Pay As You Go help articles.Customer ServiceNumberChargesFrom your O2 mobile4445FreeFrom a landline0344 8090222Standard UK rateFrom abroad+44 7860 980 202Free†

Does o2 have a live chat?

Yes you can, once logged into My Account, Live chat is available from the bottom of the My Account home page. Just click on the ‘chat now’ button to start the conversation. Live chat is the quickest way to get in touch. It’s an online conversation with someone from O2.