Can You Buy A WhatsApp Bundle On Telkom?

Is WhatsApp free on Telkom?

So, in short, WhatsApp is free to use with Telkom if you’ve bought their FreeMe package.

But it only remains free while that bundle has data left on it.

Once FreeMe has run out, the messaging service will then start costing you..

What is a Telkom Monate bundle?

Dial *180# Select the “Monate Bundles” menu option: All-network voice bundles (valid for 7 days). Daily Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time of purchase). Daily Social Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time of purchase).

Is YouTube free on Telkom?

CAPE TOWN – Telkom has announced the inclusion of free YouTube as the latest addition to its FreeMe prepaid bundles. Customers on Telkom’s FreeMe Post-paid are still able to get up to 200+ hours or 50GB free data for YouTube streaming on the FreeMe 5GB and higher plans. …

Does Telkom sell WhatsApp bundles?

CAPE TOWN – Telkom has launched a 1GB WhatsApp bundle for R15, where the data lasts for 30 days and can only be used on the messaging platform. The new WhatsApp data bundle is available through the *123# USSD menu by selecting option 2. …

How can I buy WhatsApp bundle?

To redeem the WhatsApp Ticket, customers must dial *123*43# or *135#, option 2 and then open option 5 (Vodacom Ticket). 7. The customer can buy as many Tickets as they wish. However, customers will not be able to buy a bundle whilst they have an existing one (the same one) still running.

How much is WhatsApp data on Telkom?

The entry-level 150MB FreeMe prepaid bundle, which previously offered 150MB of general-use data, 150MB of data for instant messaging and Internet calls, 50 SMSes and 150 on-network minutes for R29, now offers 150MB of general-use data, 50 on-net minutes and 75MB for WhatsApp (plus 75MB for streaming) at the same price.

How do I activate WhatsApp bundle?

To subscribe to WhatsApp bundle, send “WA” (200 MB) or “WA2” (300 MB) to 1100 (free of charge) from your prepaid line. Subscription to the bundle will be automatically renewed every 30 days if there is enough credit. 2. When subscribed to the WhatsApp bundle, you can still activate any HSI offer simultaneously.

Is Telkom to Telkom free on prepaid?

Prepaid subscribers will be able to buy these packages as monthly bundles at the same price. The free messages and calling on WhatsApp, BBM, and Viber are limited to 2GB of usage per month. Free calls to Telkom Mobile and Telkom fixed-line numbers have a fair usage limit of 3,000 minutes per month.

How much is 1gb Telkom?

The new plans include a 20GB option (plus 20GB of “night surfer” data for use between midnight and 7am) priced at R355/month. Other plans are also aggressively priced — 1GB of data (plus 1GB night surfer), for example, costs R40, while 10GB (plus 10GB) fetches R200 (see table below).

What is Telkom free me?

What is FreeMe? FreeMe bundles are a unique way for you to connect with the world through data, voice calls, sms’s and WhatsApp. The bundles are available to prepaid, post-paid and top-up customers on. It’s an all-inclusive package, just for you.

How much is unlimited data for Telkom?

The Unlimited LTE Business Hours package is perfect for day users, providing unlimited access to the internet between 12AM and 5PM, all for the price of R599pm for 24 months. Whereas the Unlimited LTE All Hours package gives you full internet access 24/7 for only R899pm for 24 months.

How do I get 10gb r100 on Telkom?

[Solved] Telkom SmartBroadband 10GB for R100 (But is actually R99) | Prepaid LTEDial *180#Select option 5: Tariff Change.Select option 2: Change Current Tariff.Select option 2: SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid.Select option 1 to change your tariff to SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid.

How do I convert airtime to data on Telkom?

How to convert telkom airtime to data and Buy Internet Data Bundle online for Telkom Mobile ( 8ta)?Step1: Send this Message. *180#Step2: Press 1 from the list (bundle purchases)Step3: Press 1 from the list (data bundles)Step4: Press (1 to 7 ) from the list (select the amount)Step5: Press 1 to (Confirm).

How much is WhatsApp bundle?

What does the WhatsApp Bundle cost? Customers can purchase the following WhatsApp bundles: 300MB WhatsApp data for R10 valid for 7 days. 600MB WhatsApp data for R19 valid for 15 days.

What is a Telkom social bundle?

The Social bundle is a data bundle that will allow access to the selected Social Media platforms namely Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. 2. … The Social bundles will be available to new and existing Postpaid, TopUp and Prepaid Telkom customers.

How do I get cheap Telkom data bundles?

There are a number of methods you can use to purchase these Telkom mobile data deals. They include: On your mobile phone, dial *180# and choose the option ‘bundle purchase’ Log in to your self-service portal and click on the “purchase bundle” option.

How much is 10gb of data Vodacom?

Bundle SizePriceOut-of-bundle rates (Prepaid)1GBR99R0.493GBR229R0.495GBR349R0.4910GBR469R0.496 more rows

Does FNB have a WhatsApp bundle?

Free WhatsApp is an added benefit to all FNB Connect customers, says the bank. … Customers with an FNB Connect SIM can also access the bank’s electronic banking platforms, such as online banking, the app, cellphone banking and eWallet without incurring any data charges. LTE has also been enabled on all FNB Connect SIMs.

Does WhatsApp use airtime or data?

WhatsApp uses your phone’s cellular connection or Wi-Fi network to send and receive messages and calls to your family and friends. As long as you haven’t exceeded your mobile data allowance or you’re connected to a free Wi-Fi network, your mobile provider shouldn’t charge you for messaging or calling over WhatsApp.

How much is 10gb of data Telkom?

Dial *180# to switch to Prepaid LTE and get 10GB of data for R99!

Which network has cheapest data?

Mobile Data Price Comparison per NetworkNetworkAnytime DataPriceVodacom1GBR99Cell C1GBR100MTN1GBR149Telkom1GBR1001 more row•Jul 17, 2020