How Do I Pay My Old Comcast Bill Online?

Where can I pay my Comcast bill in cash?

and Comcast are giving customers who want to pay their TV, Internet or phone bills with cash the option to do so by visiting any of more than 7,700 7-Eleven stores..

What happens if you pay your Xfinity bill late?

Your Xfinity payment is due by the date noted at the top of your bill. If you haven’t made a payment by this due date, we’ll send you a late payment notification and you may also be charged a late fee on your next bill. … If this happens, you will need to make a payment to re-activate your services.

Does Comcast bill you a month in advance?

The 1st rep told me the truth in that comcast does bill in advance. … Typically the cycle is about a week AFTER the bill generates. So we BILL in advance, but whether or not you PAY in advance is up to you. For example.

Can you pay your Comcast bill over the phone?

Other Ways to Pay Call us at 1-800-xfinity and follow the automated prompts. Mail us a check using the insert included in your Xfinity bill. Visit an Xfinity Store to pay in person or use one of our Xfinity Self-Service Kiosks.

Is there a fee to pay Comcast bill with credit card?

So apparently Comcast adds $5.99 to your bill if you pay via credit card by calling them (or them calling you) but not if you pay via their web site or by sending them a check.

Can I get Xfinity If I owe them money?

Outstanding balances owed to Comcast will be forgiven for the purposes of joining the program so long as the debt is at least one year old. To learn more about the Internet Essentials program or to apply, you can visit or call 1-855-846-8376.

Can I pay my Comcast bill at Walmart?

Can I pay Comcast at Walmart? … Payments can be made using cash or a PIN-based debit card.

How do you find out how much I owe Comcast?

View Your Balance and Due Date with the Xfinity My Account AppSign in to the Xfinity My Account app with your Xfinity ID and password (or a registered email address/mobile phone number and password).You’ll see your account balance and due date on the Balance Due section of the app’s home screen.More items…

Do you have to wait 48 hours to activate Xfinity prepaid?

Do you have to wait 48 hours to activate Xfinity prepaid? Once you’ve plugged in the gateway, you wait 48 hours and then activate the service online. The initial credit expires 30 days after activation, and you can then extend service by seven days at a time for $15, or 30 days at a time for $45.

Can I pay my water bill at Walmart?

As an authorized payment center for PG&E, SDG&E and SoCalGas, customers can pay bills from these companies without incurring a convenience fee. … To pay a bill, customers bring their bill stub to a participating Walmart MoneyCenter or customer service desk.

What happens if you don’t pay your Xfinity bill?

If you don’t pay your Xfinity bill on time, the company charges a $10 fee. There is a grace period of up to two weeks before you’ll see any interruption of service, but the late fee goes into effect immediately.

Is Xfinity Flex really free?

Xfinity Flex is a free 4K-enabled streaming device and service that gives you access to 200+ live channels and 10,000+ on-demand movies and shows. It has a clunky interface, and you’ll have to watch commercials, but free is free.

How do I pay my old Comcast bill?

Pay off your past-due balance with a repayment planCall us to set up a plan. Contact us at (888) 936-4968. … Important billing info. We’ll use the card you have on file to make these payments. … Stay up-to-date. As long as you complete your repayment plan and stay current with your regular monthly charges, your service will remain active. … My Account impacts. … Other options.

How do I pay someone else’s Comcast bill?

The easiest way is to have the other person give you access to their Xfinity account. Then you can log on as them and pay the bill using your information. A second option would be for you to give your payment information to them and they can enter into their account.

What Stores Can I pay my Xfinity bill?

The 5% of Comcast customers who prefer to pay in cash can still do so at 500 XFINITY stores and now have the option to pay at 7,700+ participating 7-Eleven stores, most of which stay open 24/7. There is no word yet when payments can be made at PayNearMe’s other partnering franchises, Family Dollar and Ace Cash Express.

Can I put my cable bill in someone else name?

There is no problem in putting her name on all bills – most companies are happy to take anyone’s money, however… … Having a mismatch between the name of the utility bill and the credit card/bank account you use to pay it isn’t normally a problem – it’s OK to have one in your name.

How do I pay my Comcast bill without logging in?

Use Quick Pay to make a one-time bill payment without signing in to My Account.Visit or click Try Quick Pay on the My Account sign-in page.Enter your account number and an additional account detail (phone number or ZIP code) to authenticate your account and select Continue.More items…

Is Comcast prepaid Internet Unlimited?

Certainly, you can get unlimited data since Xfinity prepaid internet has an unlimited offer. … The users in need of more than 1 terabyte of data per month and don’t want to pay for overages, Xfinity offers an unlimited data option. The cost of this unlimited data plan stands at $50 per month.

How do I pay my Comcast phone bill online?

Open a browser on your mobile device and go to Sign in using your Xfinity ID and password, then tap Sign In. Tap Make a Payment. Tap to pay your current balance or another amount.

Where can I pay my cable bill?

Yes, you can pay your bill balance in the form of cash by visiting a Spectrum store, or third-party centers, such as Western Union, Schnucks Supermarkets, Walmart, or MoneyGram. In case you are mailing the payment, resort to a money order or check.

How long does Xfinity give you to pay your bill?

Typically, the company’s spokesperson said, late fees are assessed 30 to 45 days past a bill’s invoice date, and amount to about $10. That fee can be waived by contacting a Comcast customer service representative via the company’s website or My Account app, or by phone at 1-800-XFINITY.