How Does Boku Pay By Mobile Work?

What is Boku payment method?

Boku is a secure payment method that allows customers to charge digital goods and services to their mobile number.

Each purchase requires confirmation of the charge before it can successfully complete.

It is clear throughout every step of the payment that by confirming the purchase, a charge will be made..

What can I use Boku for?

You can now easily make Boku deposits to online casinos and play your favourite casino games, such as Slots, blackjack, roulette and Bingo. Once a player makes a deposit via Boku, all the slots and bingo games at the said casino are available for them to try.

How do I stop Boku payments?

You can block your mobile phone number from being able to make additional Boku payments by logging into the Boku Customer Care Portal; a secure website personalised for your mobile phone number. In the portal and next to the green ‘active’ icon, click on the message ‘Block my number’.

How can I tap my phone to pay?

Manage apps that use contactless paymentsMake sure Contactless payments is turned on.Open the app you want to use for Contactless payments.Open your phone’s Settings app.Tap Connected devices Connection preferences. NFC.Tap Contactless payments. Payment default.Pick your default payment app.

How do I use my phone to pay in store?

When you’re done shopping and paying for your purchases, unlock your phone by using your face or entering your passcode. Tap your phone on the reader at the cash register, and like magic, you’re done. The charge will be processed using the debit or credit card you entered into your digital wallet.

How can I use mobile pay?

How to pay with your mobile phoneAdd your Visa card to your payment-enabled mobile phone or device.Look for the contactless symbol on the terminal at checkout.Hold your phone or device over the symbol to pay.

What is mobile payment and how does it work?

Mobile payments (which encompass mobile wallets and mobile money transfers) are regulated transactions that take place through your mobile device. That is, instead of paying for stuff with cash, cheques, or physical credit cards, mobile payment technology allows you to do so digitally.

What companies use Boku?

Many digital and gaming companies enable Boku’s service, including Electronic Arts, Riot Games, Tencent, IGG,, Bigpoint, Goodgame Studios among others. Leading payment service providers (Adyen, Optimal Payments, Xsolla, and others) choose to offer Boku to their clients as alternative payment option.

Can I use my phone to pay for things?

You can use your phone to pay for goods or services with Google Pay.