Is Cred Safe Quora?

Is cred good Quora?

Yes , Its the best app i have found for paying credit card bills .

I’m using Cred form past one year .

I have mutiple credit cards so paying using cred means u got to pay all credit cards under one umbrella .

Coins for each paymentis credited which can thereby be used to redeem cashback vouchers ..

Is Google Pay banned in India?

Google Pay is not banned in India, clarified the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). … Companies like Google Pay are app providers to the PSO, and NPCI confirmed that transactions on Google Pay are fully protected under the law.

Who is the owner of cred?

Kunal ShahCred founder-CEO Kunal Shah Most second-time Indian entrepreneurs target the top 30-40 million customers because they know how difficult it is to monetise a business catering to everyone, Kunal Shah, founder and chief executive of fintech startup Cred, has told Moneycontrol.

Do cred coins expire?

So if you pay the credit card bill of Rs 40,000, you will get 40,000 coins. The coins will keep accumulating month after month. So you can keep collecting coins and later redeem it in any manner. There are some offers and benefits which requires very large amount of coins, so its beneficial to collect lots of coins.

What is the benefit of using cred?

When you make credit card bill payments using the app, you are rewarded with CRED coins. You earn one coin for each rupee paid off on the bills and can use these coins to collect various rewards made available on the platform.

Is Kunal Shah married?

He got married to Bhavna Shah who is a freelance Graphic Designer.

Is a 600 A bad credit score?

Your score falls within the range of scores, from 580 to 669, considered Fair. A 600 FICO® Score is below the average credit score. Some lenders see consumers with scores in the Fair range as having unfavorable credit, and may decline their credit applications.

How does cred work Quora?

CRED is a members-only app that offers you exclusive rewards for paying your credit card bill. Led by Kunal Shah, the founder of FreeCharge, CRED aims to make paying credit card bills simpler and reward you for paying them on time. … The app scans any credit cards linked to your phone number and adds them to the app.

Is cred app Indian?

Cred is the brainchild of Kunal Shah who also happens to be the founder of Freecharge. Just in case you have been living under the rock, Freecharge was the first digital payment wallet to hit the Indian market and was acquired by Snapdeal in the year 2015.

How do you kill the bill in cred?

With your cred coins, you can reward yourself to a free tea cake for as less as 750 coins to a free flight ticket for 2,00,000 coins. You can also “kill the bill!” by earning an assured cashback for paying your credit card bill on Cred.

How do I remove my credit card from cred?

Account/Card Deletion We provide all our Users an option to request the deletion of a specific Card stored on his/her account or the complete account through the support section on the Cred App.

How will cred make money?

The company hopes to earn revenue by charging a fee for using Rentpay apart from revenue share from its credit line offering. It will also charge a fee from brands to list their products on ‘Discover’ platform where the users can spend CRED coins to avail discounts.

Is cred protect free?

Are there any CRED protect charges ? CRED protect is free, you will not be charged any fee for availing this feature from CRED platform.. on the contrary, this is a service designed to track hidden charges that may be levied by your bank.

Is cred approved by RBI?

NPCI is a payment system operator authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). NPCI owns and runs UPI payment system. The service that CRED offers does not need RBI approval. CRED verifies the credit score of credit card users from a credit rating agency which is also authorized by the RBI.

Is cred app safe?

One thing I like about the Card adding procedure is that it doesn’t ask for Card’s ‘Valid through’ date, CVV Number and PIN; not giving this sensitive information ensures the safety of added Credit Cards within CRED App. Every time you add a Credit card, CRED App will deposit Re.

How do I convert cred points to cash?

Every time you make a payment to your credit card, you earn Cred Coins – each coin is equal to Rs 1. These coins can then be used to claim rewards from vendors like Ixigo and FreshMenu, among others. You can also use the option to ‘burn’ your coins to win cashback,which is directly credited to your credit card.

Is FreeCharge an Indian company?

FreeCharge, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axis Bank Limited, is India’s No. 1 payments app. Customers across the country use FreeCharge to make prepaid, postpaid, DTH, metro recharge and utility bill payments for numerous service providers.

Is cred profitable?

Revenue Sources of CRED Currently, CRED is not making any profits and looking to expand its userbase. … CRED has users’ financial data like how timely users made payment of the bill, their expenditure data, their credit scores data, and many other financial data.