Question: How Can I Pay My Car Loan Through Public Bank?

Can I pay my TNB bill at 7 11?

Benefits to TNB Customers: Greater access and convenience for cash payments at more than 2000 7-Eleven outlets nationwide.

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

No more queues, free parking and flexibility to pay whenever you want to buy groceries or grab a drink or packed food at any of the 7-Eleven Outlets nationwide..

What is JomPAY Biller Code?

Select Payments & Transfers → JOMPAY. 2. Insert Biller Code (9118) and in the Ref-1. field please enter your card’s 16 digits card number. You can now pay your Commercial Cards bills via JomPAY!

How can I pay my car loan from CIMB to public bank?

Select “Loan/Financing”.Select “CIMB Hire Purchase”.Input your payment details: – Amount. – Select “3rd Party Account” >> “Account Number” or “Vehicle Registration Number” – Select from Account/Account-i.Confirm payment details.Select “Yes” to save as Favourite Transaction.

How can I pay my TNB bill in public bank?

How do I register bills that I pay frequently?Click “Payment”Select “Manage Favourite Payment”Click on “Bill Payment”Select one of the Payee Corporations from the drop-down list.Enter the necessary information and click “Next”Click “Request PAC Now”Enter your PAC.Click “Confirm”

How do I pay my PB credit card?

Online PaymentSelect ‘Payment’Select ‘PB Card Payment’Select on ‘Pay Billing Account / Card’Select ‘Other Account’ or ‘Favourite Other Account’Select your ‘From Account’Enter credit card number in Billing Account No.Enter Amount (MYR) and click on ‘Add to List’Select your instruction mode and click ‘Next’More items…

How can I pay my car loan?

How to Pay Off Your Car Loan EarlyPay half your monthly payment every two weeks. … Round up. … Make one large extra payment per year. … Make at least one large payment over the term of the loan. … Never skip payments. … Refinance your loan. … Don’t Forget to Check Your Rate.

How do I pay my Jom pay?

Simple Steps to Make Payments with JomPAY.Spot. Look for the JomPAY logo and Biller Code on your Bills or Invoices.Go Online. Logon to Internet & Mobile Banking and. look for JomPAY.Pay. Enter the payment details and confirm payment.

How do I pay my car loan with maybank2u?

Pay via M2UGo to “M2U”Select “Pay & Transfer”Select “Pay”Select “Payee”Select “Maybank Hire Purchase”Key in “Amount and Effective Payment Date” … Request for : … “Transaction Successful”

How do I check my public bank car loan statement?

Please follow these steps below :Choose Account.Click on ‘Statement’Click on ‘E-Statement’Choose your account and click ‘Next’Click ‘Statement Date’, the E-Statement will be displayed in a PDF file.Save a copy to your PC for future use.