Question: How Do I Order From Noon?

How long does noon take to deliver?

The standard shipping time is next day for orders fulfilled by noon and up to 4 days for orders fulfilled by third-party sellers.

Customers don’t have the option to select date and time of the delivery..

How does noon delivery work?

Instead of delivering a package to your home or business address, you can select a noon collect location and pick up your shipment at a time that’s convenient for you. … All packages delivered to noon collect must be picked up within 5 days.

How much is noon shipping?

Noon Offers | Free Delivery for all Products.

Does noon deliver to Jordan?

Noon Offers | Free Shipping to Jordan.

What is pre noon delivery?

When you send a consignment, you want to know exactly when it will arrive. This premium offering means you have all the benefits of our trusted Tuffnells delivery service, but with the added benefit of knowing that your consignment will reach your customers early in the morning. …

Does noon deliver to Oman?

Noon Offers | Free Shipping to Oman.

Is noon still delivering?

Our delivery timings will be from 9 AM to 3 PM and 3 PM to 9 PM.

Does noon ship on Friday?

Please note that we do not make deliveries on Friday. … Same day delivery and/or next day delivery availability and how much it costs depends on the city we’re delivering to.

Is there cash on delivery in noon?

You can choose from the following options to pay for your noon orders: Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX) Cash on Delivery. Apple Pay is only available as a payment method for selected countries on our noon app only, when using a supported device.

How do I get a refund from noon?

How can I receive a refund? If you paid by cash/card on delivery, we will issue a refund to your noon store credits. From the noon store credits, you can either place new order or transfer the credits to your bank account. For more details you can contact us at 80038888 in UAE, 8001160210 in KSA and 16358 in Egypt.

How much does noon delivery cost?

A Cross Dock Fee of 6 AED per unit for items with sales price greater than or equal to 100 AED & 6% of item sale price per unit for the items with sales price less than 100 AED is applicable per delivered item on all back to back (SB2B) orders.