Question: How Do I Recharge My Virgin Mobile Phone?

How much does Virgin Mobile charge for over data?

Similar to its parent company Bell, Virgin Mobile has increased its data overage fees from $0.07 per 1MB to $0.10 per 1MB.

According to information obtained by MobileSyrup, the overage increase went into effect as of today..

How much is unlimited data on Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile’s best unlimited plan with data is the $45 BYOP Plan. Why we love it: Virgin offers4GB for only $45 when you bring your own phone.

Why does my Virgin Mobile not work abroad?

To switch on/off data roaming, have a peep at your phone manual and ensure Data & Data Roaming options are turned ‘ON’ in your device settings. Or check out Virgin Mobile phone support for help. You’ll need to also check the APN selected in your device is shown as Virgin Mobile, and not another network provider.

How do I activate roaming on Virgin Mobile?

To get Roam Sweet Roam with home data, simply text “ROAMHOME” to 6800 or login to My Account. Once you enroll, you will automatically enjoy affordable daily rates for each day you call, text or use data with your phone when roaming in any of the Roam Sweet Roam destinations.

How can I recharge my Virgin Mobile UAE online?

How can I recharge my Virgin Mobile ‘Wallet’?Tap on ‘Payments’ in the menu section at the bottom of your home screen.Spot the Wallet space.Tap on “Add Credit’.Follow the instructions.

How can I check my Virgin Mobile Balance?

You can check your balance in a number of ways:Visit your app store and search for “Virgin Mobile My Account” for the balance app.Text Balance to 789789.Call 789 and press option ‘1’ for your remaining allowances.Or check it on a computer by visiting Your Account.

Can you buy extra data on Virgin Mobile?

You can buy a data add-on whenever you like – we’ll just add the cost to your next bill. You can buy as many data add-ons as you like each month. Just make sure you use them all up before your allowance is refreshed, as they won’t roll over to the following month. Add-ons can’t be refunded.

How can I pay my Virgin Mobile bill online?

My Account appDownload and open the My Account app.Hit Pay Now.Enter the Amount you want to pay.Hit Select a method of payment.Select a saved credit card (you have to be logged in) or enter relevant CC info.Review and submit.

How do I use my mobile phone abroad?

Heading overseas soon? Here are our top tips on using your phone abroad without breaking the bank.Turn data roaming off if you’re outside of the EU. … Alternatives to data roaming. … Use SMS and VoIP instead of making normal calls. … Disable your voicemail. … Keep your phone secure.

How do I add minutes to my Virgin Mobile phone?

MAKE A ONE-TIME TOP UP.Pick up a Top Up card from any retail location across Canada.Click the “Top Up now” button to do it online. OR. Head to from your phone. OR. Dial #111 from your Virgin Mobile prepaid phone.

Does Virgin Mobile charge for roaming?

If you’ve switched on roaming, you’ll be charged for any calls, texts and data you use when abroad, and your data usage will be charged per Megabyte.

Does Virgin pay as you go expire?

If you’re on Virgin Mobile’s legacy Pay As You Go service, there’s an inactivity period of 180 days. You’ll need to make a chargeable phone call or text message at least once during this period.

How much does Virgin Mobile charge for data?

Want our most flexible data option?Data you needWhat you pay101 to 200 MB$20/mo.201 to 300 MB$30/mo.301 to 400 MB$40/mo.401 to 500 MB$50/mo.5 more rows