Question: Is PaisaBazaar And BankBazaar Same?

Who is the owner of Paisabazaar?

Naveen KukrejaNaveen Kukreja is the CEO & Co-founder of

He has a professional experience of over 16 years in the financial services industry, in India and in the UK..

What is Paisabazaar? is India’s largest online marketplace for financial products, with over 30 million customers visiting the platform every month from more than 1200 cities & towns. Being an ISO certified platform, we take all preventive steps to safeguard the best interests of our customers.

Is Paisabazaar SEBI registered?

Paisabazaar Marketing and Consulting Private Limited is a SEBI licensed investment advisory having the license code no. INA100003949 (Paisabazaar). Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

When was Policybazaar founded?

June 2008Policybazaar/Founded

How does Policybazaar earn?

Policybazaar, which provides information across products such as medical, term life, travel or motor insurance, low prices ULIPS and other investment products, makes money from the insurers for the products purchased through its platform.

Should I buy policy from Policybazaar?

Here is a list of Top 10 reasons on why you should not buy insurance policy from PolicyBazaar. 1) They make unnecessary calls to inform same details and try to cross-sell other products: PolicBazaar is an online portal which has various insurance and financial products.

Who is CEO of Policybazaar?

Yashish DahiyaPolicybazaar/CEO

Is 600 a good cibil score?

The minimum CIBIL score for a personal loan is usually considered to be between 720 and 750. … A credit score below 600 is considered inadequate for personal loans in most cases.

Is PolicyBazaar and Paisabazaar same?

PolicyBazaar has launched a new platform called PaisaBazaar to offer financial advisory services to customers. … PolicyBazaar CEO Yashish Dahiya said that the new platform is focused on loans and non-insurance products. This is owing to government regulations that do not allow loans on PolicyBazaar.

Is BankBazaar safe?

A. It is perfectly safe to check your Credit Score online by way of a soft query, and there are many websites that provide this service for free, including BankBazaar. To elaborate on soft and hard queries, when you make personal enquiries about your report, it is considered a soft one and will not hurt your score.

Is PolicyBazaar a BPO?

PolicyBazaar – Just a BPO |

Is PolicyBazaar Chinese company?

The Chinese technology giant bought 10% of Policybazaar, half of Tiger Global Management LLC’s stake in the company, the person said, asking not be identified as the matter was not public. The $150 million deal was signed earlier this week, the person added.