Question: What Does SRL Mean In Text?

What does LK mean in a text?

“Lk” is a simple way to abbreviate “like” when texting or chatting online with friends.


“Where would u lk 2 go 2nite?” Updated..

What does mean by 1k?

one thousand1K = 1,000 (one thousand) 10K = 10,000 (ten thousand)

What does SLR mean in banking?

Statutory Liquidity RatioThe Reserve Bank of India has mandated every bank to have a specific proportion of deposits in the form of liquid assets, excluding the cash reserve ratio called the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR).

What is SLR Urban Dictionary?

Meaning. SLR. Sorry Late Reply. SLR. Selling Loot Rights (gaming)

What is full form of SRL?

About “SRL Limited” – Global Diagnostics Network SRL Limited (previously known as Super Religare Laboratories Ltd.) introduced world-class gold standards in diagnostic technology and services to India in 1995, with an objective to provide accurate solutions, with ethical standards and care as its core value.

What means low key?

Low-key can variously mean “quiet,” “restrained,” “moderate,” or “easygoing.” It can also behave as an adverb meaning “of low or moderate intensity.” Like doing something, but in a “chill” way. For instance: We’re having a party at my place but keeping it low-key so the neighbors don’t complain.

What does OK mean?

oll korrectOK stands for ‘oll korrect’, or ‘ole kurreck’, and comes from an abbreviation trend which was popular in Boston, MA, back in the 1830s. Other popular abbreviations at the time were NG, (‘no go’), GT (‘gone to Texas’) and SP (‘small potatoes’).

What does the abbreviation SLR stand for?

SLRAcronymDefinitionSLRSingle Lens ReflexSLRScalable Linear RecordingSLRSatellite Laser RangingSLRSelf Loading Rifle53 more rows

What is the meaning of SUP in chat?

How are you”What’s Up?.” The acronym SUP is most commonly used in text messaging as an abbreviation of the phrase “What’s up?”, which is widely used with the meaning “What’s new?” or “How are you?”. Even though it is a question, SUP is typically used as a greeting (i.e., a way of saying hello).

What does SLR mean in text?

Sorry Late ReplySLR — Sorry Late Reply.

self-represented litigantsWhen both parties are self-represented litigants (SRL), the court will set a Self-Represented Family Case Resolution Conference (SFRC).

What does SLR stand for in school?

SLR in EducationSLRState Liaison Representative Technology, Special EducationSLRSecond Language Research Journal, Journals, ScienceSLRSign Language Recognition Sign, Language, RecognitionSLRSimple Logistic Regression Signal, University, TechnologySLRSocio-Legal Review Law, School, Government5 more rows

Who owns SRL?

SRL LimitedSRL Diagnostics/Parent organizations

What does SRL mean in construction?

self-retracting lanyardA self-retracting lanyard (SRL) is a vertical lifeline that is used as part of a complete fall arrest system.