Question: What Happens If I Put The Wrong Bank Account On My Tax Return?

How do I change my bank account for my tax refund?

If you wish to change the Bank Account Number for Refund failure case, then login in the Income Tax e-Filing website and go to ‘My Account’ → ‘Refund re-issue request’.

Select the mode through which you wish to receive the refund- ECS or Cheque.

Enter the new Bank Account Number and provide address details..

What happens if I gave the wrong account number for my tax refund?

If you omit a number from the account number you enter on your return, the IRS will automatically issue you a paper check. … The IRS can prevent the funds from being sent to the wrong bank if you catch the mistake before the scheduled direct deposit date.

What do I do if I put the wrong direct deposit?

If you wrote the wrong number on your direct deposit form, the bank might detect the issue and refund the money to your employer, or it might reverse the deposit and place it in your correct account. You can face a delay in your pay as a result of this error.

Can I change my banking details on eFiling?

If you need to add or change banking details it can be done: By completing the Registration, Amendment and Verification form (RAV01) on eFiling (excluding Customs and Excise) … When completing the following on eFiling: Income Tax Return for Individuals (ITR12)

How long does it take for reissue of refund?

The taxpayer is informed by intimation on his email or via post and is given a time period of 30 days to file a response against the intimation. If there is no response from the taxpayer, then the Income Tax Department will make the adjustments and will send the intimation to the taxpayer.