Question: What Is The Easiest Gas Card To Get Approved For?

Is a gas card worth it?

It’s probably not worth it, according to a new report.

The average interest rate on a gas-station branded credit card is 23.61%, nearly seven percentage points higher than the national average for all credit cards, according to a new analysis from the credit-card website

What is the best credit card for groceries and gas?

Winner: Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express.Runner-Up: American Express® Gold Card.Best for Online Grocery Shopping: Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature® Card.Best for Gas Stations and Groceries: PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card.More items…

How do I get a Shell gas card?

You can apply for both Shell credit cards on the Citibank website or over the phone by calling 877-MY-SHELL (1-877-697-4355). To apply, you will need to provide personal information such as your name, date of birth, home address, annual income and Social Security number.

What credit score do you need to get an Exxon gas card?

(580+)You can apply for the Exxon Gas Card online or through the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app for iOS and Android. You’ll need to have at least a fair (580+) credit score to get approved for it.

What credit cards can I get with a 500 credit score?

Credit Cards for a 500 Credit ScoreSponsored OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit CardSponsored First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard® Secured Credit CardEditors’ Rating4.0 / 53.7 / 5Details, Rates & FeesLearn MoreLearn MoreWinnersOpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit CardCredit One Bank® Platinum Visa® with Cash Back Rewards6 more rows

Which credit cards give you instant approval?

Best Credit Cards with Instant Card Numbers of 2020Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express. … Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express. … Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi * … Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Card * … American Express® Green Card * … Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card.More items…•

What is the easiest gas card to be approved for?

Best Gas Station Rewards Cards for Bad CreditCredit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit. 4.3 /5.0 Stars. … Credit One Bank® Visa® with Free Credit Score Access. 4.3 /5.0 Stars. … Discover it® Secured.

What is the best gas card to get?

Best credit cards for gas stationsCredit CardEstimated gas station rewards earned each yearEstimated rewards earned after five yearsPenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card$111$2167Wells Fargo Propel American Express® Card$67$2120Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express$67$2437PNC Cash Rewards® Visa®$89$20121 more row

Is there a gas card that can only be used for gas?

Co-branded or gas only Gas cards generally are issued in two versions: gas-only branded cards, which you can only use at that station, or co-branded cards that are a Visa or MasterCard and can be used almost anywhere. Unless you’re willing to pay an annual fee, rewards are limited to discounts on the cost of gas.

How can I get a free gas card?

How to Get Free Gas Cards in 20201.1 Join Swagbucks.1.2 Use Credit Card Rewards.1.3 Complete Surveys.1.4 Collect Grocery Store Gas Points.1.5 Scoop Free Gas Card Promotions.1.6 Join Gas Station Rewards Programs.1.7 Register With Put Ads On Your Car.More items…

What is the best gas card to apply for with bad credit?

Best Gas Station Credit CardsCredit CardBest ForAnnual FeePenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® CardBest for Gas Rewards$0Bank of America® Cash Rewards Secured Credit CardBest for Bad Credit$0U.S. Bank Business Cash Rewards World Elite™ Mastercard®Best for Business Gas Rewards$05 more rows

Can I get a gas card with bad credit?

The best unsecured gas card for bad credit is the Credit One Bank Platinum Visa because it gives 1% cash back rewards and has a decent APR for bad credit, at 17.99% – 23.99% (V). Unsecured gas station cards for bad credit are hard to come by. … But most cards with gas rewards require excellent credit.

What kind of credit score do you need for a gas card?

The best gas rewards credit cards require good credit or excellent credit for approval. Applicants with a credit score of 700 or higher have the best chances of being approved for a good gas credit card.

Does a gas card help build credit?

Gas cards can help build your credit score. Retail cards, like gas cards, typically approve consumers with lower credit scores and report to the credit bureaus so that cardholders who pay as agreed can build a positive credit history. … Follow these steps to build your credit using a gas credit card.