Quick Answer: Can I Have The Same Number On Two SIM Cards?

In many cases, you can’t have two phones with one number assigned by your phone company.

However, you can often use call forwarding to send calls made to one number to another, and you can use services that will route calls to multiple phones..

Can I have 2 SIM cards with the same number?

No, it is not possible to have two sim cards for same mobile number. A sim card has a unique number. … At the time of porting a mobile network to other network they provide another sim card of same number that may work for some longer time.

Can I have two SIM cards with the same number EE?

The EE SIM and number is limited to just one handset – with ConXhub numbers can be shared across multiple phones, each able to make calls from the same number and have all their phones ring at the same time when the number is called.

Can I have two SIM cards with the same number o2?

2 sim cards for the same number? … They can give you 2 sims, with the same number, one of them is registered as your primary sim, which calls go to, unless switched off, then they go to the other handset.

How do you activate a 3 SIM card?

Activating your SIM.Insert your SIM into your phone and switch it on. … We’ll text you to let you know we’ve started activating your SIM. … We’ll send you a second text telling you to turn your phone off and on again.Your SIM will be activated when you restart your phone.

Why did I get a new SIM card with my new phone?

You usually only need a new SIM card if you are a new customer, or if the phone takes a different size of SIM card (for example, the iPhone 4 uses a “Micro SIM” which is smaller than normal SIM cards). SIM cards do not contain data such as pictures, music, movies, ringtones, etc.

Can I have 2 SIM cards with the same number giffgaff?

With giffgaff you cannot have multiple SIM cards with the same mobile number assigned to them. It is one SIM per giffgaff account and each active giffgaff SIM has a different mobile number assigned to it.

Can I have two SIM cards with the same number three?

Your number can only be assigned to one number at once. If you go into a Three store they can give you a replacement micro sim for free which you can activate and test.

Can a SIM card be duplicated?

SIM cloning is certainly not considered a “recommended practice” for cell phone users, but it may be useful if you inadvertently lose or destroy your SIM and require a backup. You can clone your SIM card using a SIM card reader and your original card.

How can I use two numbers in one SIM card?

To use the two numbers one will be required to put either of the numbers in call forwarding mode and if one number is busy, the call will automatically be forwarded to another number. For dialing, one will have to use dial 1 and 2 options and dial the use the number one wishes to.

Do SIM cards expire if not used?

On most mainstream mobile networks, your credit will never expire providing your SIM card remains active. … Your SIM card will be cancelled automatically if you haven’t used it for a certain amount of time (between 84 days and 270 days depending on the network).

Can I get a duplicate SIM card EE?

Contact us if you need a new SIM because your SIM was lost, stolen, damaged or deleted from your phone. You can get in touch by either: calling 150 from an EE phone (or 07953 966 250 from any other phone)