Quick Answer: Can I Pay Meralco Bill In GCash?

Can I pay past due Meralco bill online?

If you already received your bill, you may be looking for a way to pay it online since Meralco business centers and most payment centers are closed.

You can easily do this with your Coins Wallet.

Stay safe at home and pay your overdue or extended Meralco bills online even without a bank account or credit card..

Why is Meralco bill so high?

According to a Facebook post published Sunday night by Meralco, the probable reason behind the surge in billing is our prolonged stay at home at electricity usage over quarantine.

Can I pay overdue Meralco bill at LBC?

Overdue payments are still accepted as long as there is no disconnection notice.

What bills can I pay using GCash?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of bills that you can pay with GCash.Donations. … Water and electric utilities. … Cable and internet. … Telecoms. … Credit cards and loans. … Government fees. … Insurance and healthcare. … Schools.More items…•

Can I pay overdue Meralco bill in GCash?

Yes! You can pay for overdue bills using GCash! The only exception is when a disconnection notice arrives from Meralco–you can no longer use GCash to pay for the bill due to the MRN no longer being applicable.

Can I pay overdue Meralco bill in Bayad Center?

For overdue bills, you may pay via the Meralco Business Centers, Meralco Online or the Meralco Mobile App. Open Bayad Center branches are also still accepting payments for overdue bills. Message Bayad Center to get a list of available branches. 2.

Can I pay half of my Meralco bill?

Yes. Partial payments are allowed for settlement of single bills, however, non-payment of full amount on or before bill’s due date shall subject the service to disconnection.

Can I use my credit card to pay Meralco bill?

Pay your bills on time and never miss a due date. Charge to your credit card or debit your bank account. To enroll, simply apply via Meralco Online beta or apply through your bank.

How can I pay Meralco in GCash?

Screenshots of Each StepStep 1: Open the GCash app and enter your 4-digit MPIN.Step 2: Click the “Pay Bills” icon.Step 3: Select “Electric Utilities.”Step 4: Select “Meralco.”Step 5: Enter your Meralco Reference Number, the total amount of your payment, and your email address (optional).More items…•