Quick Answer: Do I Need To Submit Passport For OCI?

What documents do I need to upload for OCI?

FAQs – VISAAffidavit in Lieu of Originals.OCI Application Form.Photograph.Additional particulars Form.Current US/ Foreign Passport.Marriage Certificate (Must be married for at least two years)Proof of Indian Origin of Spouse.Proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship of Spouse (if Naturalized)More items….

What are the disadvantages of OCI card?

It is not a travel document and should not be considered a DUAL CITIZENSHIP. The negative is no voting rights and holding of agricultural land is prohibited. As an OCI is not dual. citizenship the holder is not elgible for any grants subsidies which are available to Indian citizen.

Is OCI card valid for life?

As per the requirement under this new policy, every time an existing OCI card holder renews their US passport before the age of 21 years and once after the age of 49 years their OCI card/visa (despite having lifetime validity endorsement) becomes invalid.

Is OCI good or bad?

OCI isn’t a substitute for dual citizenship and doesn’t offer all the benefits other citizens of India have. However, with this, you can get life long visa free entry to India and exemption from having to report your stay and movements to police when you’re in the country.

How long can I live in India with OCI card?

15 yearsOCI card holder is entitled to life-long visa free travel to India while in the case of PIO card holders it is for 15 years only.

Are OCI allowed to enter India?

020, all Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Cardholders holding passports of such countries are permitted to enter India.

Do I need to change OCI if I change passport?

OCI cardholders may need to renew their OCI cards or re-issue their OCI cards or transfer them to new passports. … You may also need a new OCI card if the current one is damaged or lost. The application process, as well as the processing time, remains the same as the new OCI Card Application.

How do I transfer OCI to new passport?

Applicants are required to fill miscellaneous application form online for transfer of OCI from old passport to new passport and have to submit the printed application along with copy of old and new passport and copy of OCI booklet. Copy of old and new passport and copy of OCI booklet all pages.

What happens if OCI is not renewed?

Travelers to India Being Turned Away If OCI Not Renewed Not having matching passport numbers on the OCI card and passports can be cause for refusal to board international flights or even to return mid-flight without being allowed to enter India.

How long does it take to get an OCI?

between 8-10 weeks1. How long does it take to process the OCI? The processing time for OCI applications is usually between 8-10 weeks after a completed application is sent to the Consulate.

Do you need to send passport for OCI?

Original Passport – The applicant’s original passport will be required at the end of the processing. After the OCI card has been approved and returned from Delhi, India, to the embassy/consulate, the applicant will receive a notification and shipping instructions automatically by email.

Can I surrender my Indian passport and apply for OCI at same time?

take both your passport renunciation and the OCI togather. when you go there, tell at the reception that you have 2 applications, one for surrender and one for oci. the person will give you 2 tickets. when you go to the counter, tell you will be doing both surrender and oci today.

What is the fine for not surrendering Indian passport?

Rs. 10,000Passport not surrendered up to three years and travelled more than once after obtaining foreign passport. 4. Penalty of Rs. 10,000/- for retention of passport and penalty of Rs.

How can I prove my Indian nationality?

The details of one of the parents’ place of birth and date of birth are relevant for proving the citizenship of a person, who is born in India after July 1, 1987. In the case of a person born after December 3, 2004, the birth details of both the parents are relevant for citizenship.

Can I travel with OCI with new passport?

Travellers holding OCI cards are required to carry their OCI card and foreign passport for travel to India. … As such they are allowed to travel to India with their new passport along with old passports/cancelled passports. Entry is NOT allowed, if travellers are not carrying OCI card along with their foreign passport.

Can I get Aadhar card with OCI?

As per Aadhaar Act, 2016, NRIs/PIO/OCI card holders are eligible for enrolment of Aadhaar card only if they reside in India for over 182 days in the last twelve months immediately preceding the date of application for enrolment.

How much does OCI cost?

If the Indian Passport is not cancelled or is lost/damaged and not in possession (the applicant will need to provide a statutory declaration attested by a JP): For OCI / PIO / VISA Application Au$ 147 is payable along with the submission of the OCI/ PIO/ VISA application and the surrender certificate will be issued …

Do I need to surrender my Indian passport before applying for OCI?

Do I need to renounce my Indian Citizenship? … No, you first have to apply for ‘Renunciation of Indian Citizenship’ click on https://www.in.ckgs.us/renunciation. After you receive your Renunciation Certificate or your Deemed Surrender Certificate only then you should apply for your OCI application.

What is OCI signature photo?

OCI Signature and Thumbprint specifications OCI Signature or Thumprint image will have a aspect ratio of 1:3 – so the minimum dimensions will be 200 pixels x 67 pixels or the maximum dimensions will be 900 pixels width x 300 pixels height.

Can OCI holder travel to India now?

Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders and foreign nationals can visit India for any purpose, except on tourist visa, the government said today as it eased visa and travel restrictions imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the new rules for OCI card holders?

OCI card must be RE-ISSUED EACH TIME A NEW PASSPORT is issued up to the completion of 20 years of age in view of biological changes in face of the applicant. 21 to 49 years of age: Re-issuance of OCI registration certificate (OCI card) is NOT mandatory each time a new passport is issued between 21 to 49 years of age.