Quick Answer: How Can I Get Telenor Easy Card?

How can I get free 2gb on Telenor?

The bonus will be given to the user when he recharge Rs 100 or more on similar day of dialing (*954#).

2 GB free internet bonus will be given at only once recharge.

This offer is valid for pre-paid costumers only.

The charges of dialing *954# will be 1 paisa..

How can I get Telenor card?

How to Load Telenor Card | Via USSD CodeOpen your cell phone dialler.Dial *555* followed by 14 digit code on the scratch card and then #.

How can I get free MB on Telenor?

The following are Telenor internet codes 2020 available to avail free internet: To enjoy free internet for a week dial *888#. To avail the free Telenor unlimited offer dial *345*75# then you can also try this code *345*88#. enjoy the free 500mbs internet with the validity of ten days dial *5*700#.

What is free balance in Telenor?

Using your smartphone dial*555*(your 14 digit pin)#, the 14 digit pin is the number revealed when you scratch the Telenor card….RechargePriceCodeBalanceFree*555*Card#

How can I get free 100 MB on Telenor?

To activate the Telenor Free 4G Trial package, visit the page and click activate, after entering your phone number you will receive a pin code, adding pin code will activate your free bundle and it will be activated valid for one day.

How can I check my Telenor monthly easy card balance?

How can I check remaining resources?Remaining MBs can be checked through *999#Remaining Minutes can be checked through *222#Remaining SMS can be checked through*111#Remaining Balance can be checked through *444#Remaining Offer Resources can be checked through *123#

How much is a 100 load balance?

100, balance provided to the user is Rs. 88.889 (and not Rs. 76 as reported on the social media) after deduction of Rs. 11.111 against withholding tax @ 12.5%.

How can I activate Telenor 4g weekly Ultra?

Dial *336# to subscribe to this offer. Package is valid for 7 days from subscription date and subscribers will be informed when package expires at midnight.

How can I check my Telenor Internet package?

You can Dial *121# to check telenor 3G/4g net balance with the help these codes. You can Download Telenor App to check the 3G/4G net balance. You can choose any way to check your telenor 4G data usage. If you want more detail about ussd codes of telenor.

How can I share MB on Telenor?

Dial *124*1# or MyTelenorApp. My friend transferred me 300 MB.

How can I subscribe for Telenor Weekly easy card?

MechanicsTelenor Weekly Easy Card can be subscribed by dialing *963#or by going to any nearby retailer.or by getting an Easy Card Scratch Card.

How can I get free minutes on my Telenor card?

Get 20 free minutes for all networks upon recharge of Rs. 100 or more. Just dial *5*100# before recharge of Rs100 or more.

How can I get Telenor 50 minutes?

MechanicsTo Subscribe: Dial:*240#All Telenor subscribers are eligible for this offer.The subscription is valid for 1 day. Customers can make FREE calls on the day of subscription – till 12am.

How can I get free MB on Zong?

Simply dial *9# from any ZONG SIM and enter your MBB number OR send your MBB Number in SMS to 6555….Terms and Conditions:You will receive the Free Resources on the Plus ONE SIM at the time of activation. … If there is no Valid MBB Bundle on the paired MBB Device then free resources will not be posted on the Plus ONE SIM.More items…

How can we check Telenor balance?

Check the balance of your Telenor Mobile connection with the following USSD code *444#. Simply dial *444# from your mobile phone, and you will see the balance on the screen of your mobile phone.

How do I check my easy minutes?

How to Check the Remaining Balance / Status of Telenor Easy Card? In order to get the maximum out of this offer, one needs to check the remaining MBs, minutes and SMS. One can check the remaining resources free of cost by dialling *123#.

How can I unsubscribe from Telenor monthly package?

To subscribe dial the code as (*345*117#), package will be activated mechanically.Validation of package is 07 Days.Limit of SMS is 800.Activation charges are 12 + Tax.To unsubscribe write in SMS as “IR-OFF” and send it to 345.