Quick Answer: How Do I Transfer Credit From Telkom To Safaricom?

How do I transfer data from Telkom to another network?

Telkom prepaid and contract customers can transfer data to other customers by accessing the “Transfer” option (No.

3) in the *180# Telkom USSD menu.

From this menu, users can choose to send data bundles and will need to input the cellphone number of the recipient before selecting the amount of data to transfer..

How do you borrow airtime on Telkom?

How to Borrow Airtime from TelkomTo access the emergency top-up service, dial *180# or access the service through Telkom’s app.For USSD, once you dial *180#, select Emergency Top Up and then Opt-In for Emergency Top Up.You can then select the R10 set amount and it will be available for you to use.

How do you send someone credit?

Dial *128* then the phone number of the person you are sending the credit to (including the area code), then * the amount, then # and press the call button or send button.

How do you share credit?

Glo EasyShareTo change/create your Glo EasyShare 5-digit PIN:Dial *132*00000*New Pin*New Pin# For example if you want your new pin to be 12345 dial *132*00000*12345*12345#To Transfer Credit, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount*Password#More items…•

Can you send money from mpesa to Telkom?

This is a service that allows Safaricom M-PESA customers to send and receive money directly from other mobile money customers registered on other networks (Airtel or Telkom). …

Can I buy Telkom airtime using mpesa?

You can easily buy airtime to your Telkom line using your Safaricom M-Pesa line. The service is done using M-Pesa Paybill number 220220. You will receive a confirmation text upon successful transaction.

How do I transfer credit from Safaricom?

Use of USSDOn your phone, dial *140*Follow with the amount you wish to sambaza. For instance; *140*100*Follow with the number you wish to send the credit with and end with #. For instance; *140*100*072xxxxxx8#Press OK or the CALL button.

Can you transfer Safaricom credit to Airtel?

Safaricom has made it easy for you to share airtime. Sambaza is a service that enables Safaricom users to share Airtime on Prepaid or Postpaid. For those on Airtel, the airtime sharing service is called ME2U – for airtel users…read on below. On Safaricom, you can Sambaza between KES 5 and 10,000 worth of Airtime.

What is the USSD code for Telkom?

Telkom USSD CodesMaster Menu*180#Check Balance*188#Buy Airtime/Data*180#Request your own mobile number*1#Please Call Me*140*mobile number#

How do I transfer credit from Telkom?

How to share or transfer Telkom airtime with friends and familyOn your phone dial *140#Then enter the amount you want to transfer.On the next screen, enter the beneficiary’s Telkom number.Confirm the transaction.

How do I convert airtime to minutes on Telkom?

Yes, Prepaid and Saver/Top-Up subscribers will need to purchase airtime and convert to voice minutes bundles via USSD by dialling *180# then dial button from the handset and follow the menu prompts.

Is airtime advance transferable?

Airtime Advance can be taken in denominations of R5, R10 and R20 (VAT Inclusive), to qualifying customers. … Customers will be allowed to transfer airtime from their Airtime Advance as per the current Airtime Transfer business rules.

How long is mpesa reversal?

between 24 to 48 hoursHow long does it take to reverse a wrong M-Pesa transaction? The reversal request process is the most natural part; waiting is the hardest. You’ll have to be patient for the customer service representatives to complete their due diligence. Safaricom takes typically between 24 to 48 hours to complete the reversal.

How do I transfer money from Telkom to mpesa?

How to Top Up via M-PESAGo to the M-pesa Menu.Select Paybill.Enter business number 777711.Enter Account your Telkom Mobile Number.Enter the amount.Enter your M-pesa pin then send.