Quick Answer: Is Go To My PC Free?

How much does go to my PC cost?

It costs $35 per month if billed annually or $44 per month if billed monthly.

Each additional computer is another $35 or $44 per month.

You can customize this plan to allow access of up to 20 computers..

What is the best software for remote access?

Best remote desktop software of 2020 at a glanceLogMeIn Pro.Connectwise Control.Parallels Access.TeamViewer.Chrome Remote Desktop.Remote Desktop Manager.Splashtop.RemoteUtilities for Windows.More items…•

Can you connect to my PC?

An Android phone can be connected to a PC by USB cable, which transfers data faster or via Wi-Fi which is easier. … Enable USB Debugging, so your phone can be connected to a PC 2.

How do I use two monitors on my PC?

Connect to your host computer. Hold the Shift key while clicking the full screen/minimize button or clicking Full Screen from the View drop-down menu. You can now view both monitors simultaneously. To go back to the regular mode, click the full screen/minimize button in the GoToMyPC Viewer.

What is best free remote access software?

Top Free Remote Support SoftwareTeamViewer. (1,954)4.5 out of 5. Optimized for quick response. … ConnectWise Control. (413)4.7 out of 5. … Goverlan Reach. (228)4.4 out of 5. … Zoho Assist. (282)4.6 out of 5. … NinjaRMM. (165)4.8 out of 5. … SolarWinds Take Control. (120)4.5 out of 5. … FixMe.IT. (172)4.7 out of 5. … VNC Connect. (393)4.7 out of 5.More items…

Is remote PC a VPN?

While having some similarities, VPN and remote desktop are functionally different things. A VPN will give you access to a network while remote desktop (or RDP) will give you control of an entire computer. … If you want to have full control over a local computer from a remote location, VPN won’t let you achieve that.

Does LogMeIn have free version?

Sad news: LogMeIn Free is no more. For nearly a decade, it was my go-to tool for remote PC control — not just my PCs, but also those of far-flung family members needing occasional help. Alas, LogMeIn announced yesterday that, effectively immediately, there’s no more free lunch.

Is RemotePC a VPN?

RemotePC provides fast and secure remote connections for PCs, Macs and Linux machines that help teleworking individuals avoid the drawbacks of using VPN to access resources on their office network.

How do I use go to my PC?

How can we help you?Go to www.GoToMyPC.com.Click Log In in the top right corner.Log in using your GoToMyPC email address and account password.If prompted, choose the account you want to access and click Go. … Locate the desired computer and click Connect.More items…

Can I access my work computer from home?

When you fire up the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android or iOS, you’ll see a list of computers where remote access has been enabled. … Then open it and choose the option marked Installation to access this computer remotely (the other option is for accessing the computer while somebody else is using it).

What is better than TeamViewer?

TeamViewer Alternatives for 2020Dameware Remote Everywhere. Offering remote desktop support for Windows, macOS X, and Linux computers, Dameware is, in my opinion, the strongest remote management software solution on the market by far. … Mikogo. … Splashtop. … Chrome Remote Desktop. … Join.me. … VNC Connect. … Webex Meetings. … LogMeIn Pro.More items…•

Can GoToMyPC wake sleeping computer?

Wake-on-LAN allows GoToMyPC Corporate users to wake offline computers that are in sleep mode (Windows and Mac) or powered-off (Windows), but plugged in to a power source (i.e., not running on battery alone).

Is remote PC free?

RemotePC is a free remote access program for Windows and Mac. You can find nice features like chat, file transfer, and multiple monitor support. Both mobile devices and desktop software can be used to make a remote connection with a RemotePC computer.

Is Splashtop free?

Splashtop Personal is free* for personal use on your local home network. Access your computer from the comfort of your couch or bedroom using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device for mobile remote access, or access your remote computer from another computer. … * The Splashtop Personal app is free for most devices.

How do I cancel my go to my PC?

To cancel your paid subscription plan, log in and go to the Billing Information page. Select the No, please cancel my subscription… option and click the Save Changes button.

How do I access my PC from my laptop?

To access a remote computer from your laptop, follow these steps:1From the Start menu, choose All Programs→Accessories→Remote Desktop Connection. … 2If the computer you want to connect to is available from the drop-down list, choose it. … 3Click the Connect button. … 4In the security window, type your User Name and Password.More items…

Is Splashtop spyware?

Is The Sliding Door Company using Splashtop to spy on employees? Is Splashtop installed on your computer at work? Yes? For TSDC employees, that means The Sliding Door Company’s IT department (or anyone with access to the account) can monitor your screen and what you are doing whenever they like.

Is Splashtop better than TeamViewer?

For businesses, Splashtop has better single-user and small team pricing and slightly better support options. But TeamViewer has more features and better performance. So if your business requires a fully-featured, high-performance product, Teamviewer would be the better choice.

Is go to my PC Secure?

GoToMyPC has 128-bit AES encryption built in. All data including screen images, file transfers, keyboard and mouse input and chat text is fully encrypted from end- to-end. The encryption key is unique for each connection and is based on the access code and a random bit sequence.

Is Splashtop safe?

Is Splashtop Secure? Yes, Splashtop’s remote access and remote support solutions are highly secure. All connections are protected with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption. Splashtop also comes with top security features including device authentication and two-factor authentication.

Is splashtop a virus?

If you recklessly delete whatever you consider redundant, undesirable effects may show up one after another, such as: Splashtop Streamer program is developed by the company named Splashtop Inc.. Virus-free and 100% clean download. It is like a tricky virus breaking into your PC and taking root on your hard drive.