Quick Answer: What Does Illegible Mean In English?

Can read but Cannot spell?

Dyslexia is a language based learning difference commonly associated with spelling difficulties and reading problems.

And while not being able to spell can be helped through spell-check and proofreading, reading difficulties are far more serious as they can cause kids to quickly fall behind at school..

What’s another word for not legible?

Find another word for illegible. In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for illegible, like: obscured, difficult to read, indecipherable, legible, unreadable, unintelligible, faint, scribbled, scrawled, crabbed and hieroglyphic.

What is illegible handwriting called?

Enigmatic or incomprehensible symbols or writing. hieroglyphic. scrawl. scribble.

What part of speech is illegible?

illegiblepart of speech:adjectivedefinition:difficult or impossible to read. He wrote down some directions, but they were illegible. antonyms: legiblerelated words:incomprehensibleWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurederivations:illegibly (adv.), illegibility (n.), illegibleness (n.)

What is the root word of illegible?

illegible (adj.) 1630s, from assimilated form of in- (1) “not, opposite of” + legible.

Is it Unegible or illegible?

When your friend scribbles a note to you and you can’t figure out what it says, it’s because her handwriting is illegible — it’s unreadable. The adjective illegible is often used to describe handwriting, because people tend to have their own styles and sometimes write in a pretty messy way.

What means irrelevant?

Irrelevant means not related to the subject at hand. If a rock star becomes irrelevant, it means people are not relating––or even listening––to his music anymore. It isn’t part of what people are thinking or talking about. The opposite is relevant, meaning related.

What does intercede mean?

intransitive verb. : to intervene between parties with a view to reconciling differences : mediate.

What is the meaning of Banshee?

: a female spirit in Gaelic folklore whose appearance or wailing warns a family that one of them will soon die We heard someone screaming like a banshee.

How do you use illegible in a sentence?

Illegible sentence examplesThe inscription was partly illegible. … Two words are almost illegible, and the angular print slants in every direction. … A text may become illegible through damp or constant thumbing; portions of it may be torn away; if it is in book form, leaves or whole quires may be detached and either lost or misplaced.More items…

What is it called when u cant read something?

You can describe a person unable to read or write as illiterate. Illiterate, from the Latin illiteratus “unlearned, ignorant,” can describe someone unable to read or write, but it can also imply that a person lacks cultural awareness. …

What is the opposite of illegible?

Antonyms: legible, fair, clean, readable, decipherable, clear.

What does Alliterate mean?

1 : having little or no education especially : unable to read or write an illiterate population. 2 : showing or marked by a lack of acquaintance with the fundamentals of a particular field of knowledge musically illiterate. 3a : violating approved patterns of speaking or writing.

Which Cannot be easily read?


How do you spell eligible?

adjective. fit or proper to be chosen; worthy of choice; desirable: to marry an eligible bachelor.

What does forethought mean?

consideration for the future1 : a thinking or planning out in advance : premeditation. 2 : consideration for the future. forethought.

What does the word illegible mean in English?

: not legible : indecipherable illegible writing.