What Is IFSC Code Of Airtel Payment Bank?

What is Airtel bank?

www.airtel.in/bank/ Airtel Payments Bank is a public limited company with its headquarters in New Delhi, India.

The company is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel.

It is the first company in India to receive a payments bank license from the Reserve Bank of India and it became the first live payments bank in the country..

What is Airtel Money wallet?

Home Wallet Airtel Money App. Airtel Money, the mobile wallet from the successful and popular telecom company Airtel, allows you to use your smartphone as an electronic wallet to make and receive payments. Originally launched in 2012, the app offers customers with an efficient alternative to cash transactions.

Can we deposit cash in Paytm?

Step 1: If you wish to Add Money from another bank account then login your bank’s app or website, add you Paytm payments bank details, that is your IFSC code and Bank Account no. You can also fetch this from the Bank section under your Paytm App.

How do I add money to my Airtel wallet?

Process to add money on Airtel WalletGo to the ‘Airtel Payment’ page or open the ‘Airtel App’ on your mobile.Now click on ‘Add Money’ and login to your account using your registered mobile number and mPIN.Now click on ‘Login Securely’ to login to your account.More items…

Which wallet to bank transfer is free?

Charges for Oxigen WalletServicesChargesFull KYC WalletWallet to Wallet ( W2W)FreeWallet to Bank Account ( W2A)For customers, 2% of transaction amount. (Minimum Rs.5)Wallet to Non-WalletFree13 more rows

What is the IFSC code of Paytm payments bank?

IFSC code of paytm payments bank ltd located in B-121, Sector-5,Noida-201301, UTTAR PRADESH is PYTM0123456 and MICR code is NA.

What is Airtel payment bank account number?

Airtel Payments Bank’s services can be accessed by Airtel customers on their mobile phones through the Airtel Money app, through USSD by dialing *400#; or via a simple IVR by dialing 400. Non-Airtel customers can access Airtel Payments Bank’s services by dialing this number- 8800688006.

Is Branch code an IFSC code?

Ans. IFSC code is not the same as branch code. IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) consists of eleven characters and is used to identify the bank and its branch. While the branch code is a part of the IFSC code, it is not the same.

How can I know my Airtel IFSC code?

States, where Airtel Payments Bank has branch(es) are listed here. Please choose your state to find Airtel Payments Bank IFSC code.

Does Paytm have IFSC code?

Paytm Payments Bank IFSC code consists of eleven digit code which comprises of first four letters as ‘xxxx’, the fifth digit is 0 followed by the last 6 digits which represent the specific Paytm Payments Bank branch code.

How can I find IFSC code?

You can know about the IFSC Code of a bank in multiple ways:IFSC code can be found on the cheque and passbook provided by the bank.Visit bank website of the respective bank.You can also find IFSC Code at RBI’s website.To find IFSC code at MyLoanCare website, select Bank, State, District and then branch.

How can I withdraw money from Airtel wallet?

At the ATM, you must go through the following steps when using the My Airtel app. Enter the mobile number > Enter the sender code (received on SMS) > Enter the OTP > Select 1 ‘ATM self-withdrawal’ > Enter the IMT amount > Cash dispensed. When using USSD, the user must dial 4002# from their registered mobile number.

Is Airtel wallet safe?

Airtel Money Wallet is RBI approved. It’s safe & easy to use. You can use it on-the-go using web or mobile, USSD. You can use it any time and at many places to pay for your purchases.

How can I complete Airtel KYC?

Open your digital savings account in 3 simple stepsApply for account opening via Airtel Thanks App. Click on ‘Video KYC’ icon or banner available in the App.Add your details. We would love to know you better. … 1 minute video verification. … Your account is ready!