What Is The Procedure To Surrender BSNL Landline?

How can I deactivate my Airtel Broadband?

Tap on your broadband connection card as shown above.

Then, tap on “Manage Services“.

Now you can see the option of “Activate/Deactivate Safe Custody“.

Tap on it..

Is it worth keeping a landline phone?

A pro to having a landline is that if you lose your cell phone you still have a way to communicate with people. Another bonus is that you can call your cellphone to look for it. Or, if your cell phone battery dies, you still have a way to communicate. Landlines are also easier to use.

Should I keep a landline?

A landline can offer peace of mind, which is hard to price. If you misplace or damage your cell phone, you can fall back on your landline. If severe weather causes a power outage (preventing you from keeping your phone charged), you can fall back on your landline.

Should I cancel landline phone?

Landlines Provide Great Backup If your cell phone dies at home because you’ve run your battery dry, a landline can serve as an important backup especially in the case of an emergency. Even if your cell phone dies, of course, you can still begin the recharging process and immediately place a call.

What is security deposit in BSNL broadband?

Rs. 500BSNL Security Deposit ChargesServiceSecurity Deposit AmountBSNL Landline (LL)Local + STD = Rs. 500 Local + STD + ISD = Rs. 2000Bharat Fiber & DSL Broadband>> Rs.500 for monthly rental plans below Rs.500 >> One Month Rental Charges for Plans above Rs.500 (Plan Monthly Rent) >> Minimum Hire Period = One Month5 more rows

How do I write a broadband connection application?

I want a broadband connection on the above telephone number. The telephone has been installed in my name at my residence. I shall be grateful if the service engineer visits my residence after 5 p.m. as there is no one in my residence to understand the procedure. I need the connection at the earliest.

What is the installation charge of BSNL broadband?

BSNL Installation ChargesServiceInstallation ChargesAnnual/Higher Payment Subscription Installation FeeBSNL Broadband OnlyRs. 250NilBSNL Broadband (Temporary Connection)Rs. 250NilBharat Fiber (FTTH) NPC with only Broadband or Voice or Combo PlanRs.500NilBroadband over existing VoiceRs.250Nil2 more rows

How can I complain to BSNL?

portalhelpdesk@bsnl.co.in Our team will get in touch with you shortly.

How can I surrender my Calcutta landline phone?

One desirous of surrendering his/her telephone should first identify the “Area” to which his/her phone is attached. Then he/she should visit the concerned office and meet the Commercial Officer and submit an application for surrendering the phone.

How do I disconnect my landline phone?

Call your phone service provider to cancel your home phone line. Give the customer service representative your current home phone account number. Let them know you no longer need the voice-band line and that you wish to cancel that part of your service.

What happens if you dont pay BSNL bill?

Hello friend. In case you dont pay your bsnl bill the options they have is to send you bills and give considerable time for the payment. After that they will approach to the court for out of court (lok-adalat settlement), there in presence of h’ble judges and court staff you have to clear the bill via cash payment.

How can I write a letter to disconnect BSNL landline?

Sir/Ma’am, I would request you to permanently/temporarily disconnect and discontinue my existing BSNL landline connection as I no longer require these services at my residence/office/… This is for your kind information and necessary action. Land line no.

How can I get refund of BSNL security?

Refund required customers may approach to concerned BSNL commercial officer and submit your written request for refund of broadband security deposit in the next coming telephone bills, then the authority can raise a deposit adjustment request to concerned Accounts Officer in their CDR module.

How do I write a letter to cancel a landline connection?

Respected Sir/Madam, I ________ (your name) would like to get my landline connection __________ (Your Landline Number) permanently disconnected. The reason for this disconnection is that ___________ (Reason for Surrender Landline – Shifting to another city/Not Required/High Chagres/Service Issues).

How do I write a letter to the telephone exchange?

Dear Sir, I want to bring to your kind notice the unsatisfactory working of our (Telephone No.) ____________. We have lodged a number of complaints but to no avail.