What Is The Union Bank Transfer Code?

What is the code to check union bank account balance?

USSD method to check balance Dial *99*63# or *99# from your registered mobile phone number and you will get an SMS stating your Union Bank of India account balance..

How can I activate my union bank transfer code?

Follow the simple steps here if you want to activate the Union Bank transfer code on your phone:Dial *826# on the phone number linked to your Union Bank account.On the next screen, you will see a lot of options.Choose the appropriate option to continue the activation.Enter your bank account number you want to link.More items…•

How can I transfer money from Union Bank account to another bank account?

NEFT & RTGS – Fund Transfer to other Bank Accounts So you have to login to our Internet Banking Service, go to “Transactions” menu, select “Fund Transfer & Payments” option and go to Fund Transfer to Other UBI Account. You have to Register your beneficiary before making any fund transfer.

How much time does it take to transfer money through RTGS?

30 minutesRTGS takes place in 30 minutes. NEFT may take up to 72 hours as it is deposited in the beneficiary account on hourly slots. It is mandatory to have a bank account to enable RTGS transaction. Payers, who do not have a bank account, can perform NEFT transaction at a NEFT-enabled bank branch.

Can we deposit money from one bank to another?

Many banks allow free bank-to-bank transfers if you’re sending to another account that you own. You will just need to link the two accounts. You can usually do this through your bank’s online banking platform. Some banks, especially those without a big online presence, will require you to call or visit a branch.

How do I transfer money from Union Bank app?

IMPS facility allows customers to instantly transfer funds to any other bank account up to Rs. 2 lacs per day . All that one needs to do is key in beneficiary’s valid account number and IFSC code….TransactionKeywordBeneficiary IMPS4 more rows

How do I know my union bank transfer pin?

Enter OTP, which you will receive on your number. Set PIN and confirm PIN. Enter last 6 digits of your debit card linked with the account and expiry date. On successful verification you will receive “PIN Created successfully” Message.

How do you transfer money using code?

UBA Transfer CodeAirtime to Self — *919*amount#Check Balance — *919*00#Airtime to Others — *919*Phone Number* Amount#UBA Transfer Code to UBA — *919*3*account number*amount#Transfer to Prepaid Card — *919*32#UBA Transfer Code Other Banks — *919*4*account number*amount#Pay Bills — *919*5#More items…

What’s the Union Bank Transfer Code?

826The Union bank transfer code is *826#. And yes, it is absolutely free to register for Union bank transfer code. All you have to do is to dial *826# to register. Understand that you must dial the code from the number that was officially registered with the company.

What are the codes for bank transfer?

All Banks mobile transfer Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code in Nigeria:Access Bank: Simply dial, *901#.Diamond Bank: Simply dial, *426#.EcoBank USSD code: Dial, *326#.Fidelity Bank USSD code: Dial, *770#.FCMB Bank USSD code: Dial, *329# or *389*214#.First Bank of Nigeria USSD code: Dial, *894#More items…•

What is the code for first bank transfer?

*894*50000*1234567890# To transfer N50,000 to account number 1234567890 in any bank in Nigeria. *894*500# To recharge N500 airtime on your mobile number registered with FirstBank.