What’S Another Word For Regularly?

What’s another word for often?

What is another word for often?frequentlyall the timeconsistentlycontinuallyofttimestime and againalwaysgenerallyhabituallyincessantly199 more rows.

What is another word for every time?

What is another word for every time?each and every timeeach timeon every occasionwhenwheneverwhensoeverifat any timeon any occasionwherever16 more rows

What is another word for frequently?

What is another word for frequently?oftenoftentimesrepeatedlycommonlycustomarilyhabituallymuchusuallyalwaysrecurrently236 more rows

What is the synonym and antonym of often?

often(adv) Synonyms: frequently, repeatedly, oftentimes, ofttimes. Antonyms: seldom, infrequently.

What do you mean by very often?

“Very often” means more often.

What is opposite word of frequently?

(rarely) Opposite of at frequent intervals. rarely. seldom. barely. infrequently.

How often is example?

There is a big celebration every year. We have a meeting twice every week. I usually go home once every two months. There is a leap year every four years.

What is the meaning of less often?

Less is often considered to be the comparative form of little. 1 det You use less to indicate that there is a smaller amount of something than before or than average. … 2 prep-phrase You use less than before a number or amount to say that the actual number or amount is smaller than this.

Does each mean every?

Although both words refer to something that is singular, each refers to an individual object or person, while the term every refers to a group of objects or people lumped together as one.

What is more than frequently?

Regular, usual, recurrent. –

What is the definition of constantly?

1 : without variation, deviation, or change : always constantly on the alert constantly improving a temperature that’s constantly maintained …

What is a antonym for regularly?

“regularly shaped objects” Antonyms: irregularly, on an irregular basis.

What’s the word for doing something over and over again?

Something that is repetitive involves doing the same thing over and over again. If you get bored running on a treadmill daily, you might try something less repetitive, like playing soccer outdoors. Anything you do repeatedly, especially when it’s boring, can be described using the adjective repetitive.

What means whenever?

every time: at any or every time that. whenever. adverb. English Language Learners Definition of whenever (Entry 2 of 2) : at any time : at whatever time.

What is the meaning of regularly?

: at the same time every day, week, month, etc. : on a regular basis. : very often. : with the same amount of space between each thing.

What is the antonym of better?

better(adj) the superior one of two alternatives. “chose the better of the two” Antonyms: worse, inadvisable, worsened, unadvisable, minor, worsen, exasperate, aggravate, decline, exacerbate.

What is all the time?

phrase. If something happens or is done all the time, it happens or is done continually. We can’t be together all the time. Synonyms: constantly, always, continually, ever More Synonyms of all the time.