Why Did I Get A Way To Go Card?

How do I get my Way2Go card?

I HAD AN OLD EPPICARD BUT DID NOT RECEIVE A NEW WAY2GO CARD: If you had an EPPICard but do not have a new Way2Go card, call the EPPICard help desk at 1-877-777-1617 and speak to a customer service representative.

A check for any money remaining on your EPPICard will be sent at your request..

What is the Way2Go card?

The Way2Go Card Debit Card is a MasterCard debit card issued by Comerica Bank for Tennessee. Child support payments will be electronically deposited to this card by the State each time a payment is received from the non-custodial parent and a portion or all of that payment is due to the custodial parent.

Can I overdraft My Way To Go card?

Can I overdraw my account? Under most circumstances, No. … A card holder can go negative with certain fees, such as expedited delivery fee for a replacement card, but cannot make a purchase or withdrawal for more than the balance on the account.

Does Unemployment track your spending?

Not tracking your spending But, when you’re unemployed, there will come a day when your unemployment checks and savings dry up. You might be thinking, “Eh, I basically know how much I spend every month,” but basically is not an actual number. … Real numbers will.

Can I transfer money from Way2Go card?

Bill pay $0.50 This is our fee. Bill payment services are available via GoProgram.com website. … Funds transfer via Interactive Voice Response (IVR-phone) or web portal $0.00 There is no fee for you to transfer funds from your card account to a U.S. bank account owned by you.

How much money can you withdraw from Way2Go card?

When using your card at an ATM, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from your Card account per calendar day is $500.00. Teller-assisted cash withdrawal (OTC) $0.00 There is no fee for teller-assisted cash withdrawals requests conducted at Mastercard Member Bank or Credit Union teller windows.

How do I contact the Go program?

Get Started!With the new Way2Go Card™ you have joined an elite group of cardholders who receive their deposits through the Go Program™. … (888-929-2460) … Your funds will be deposited to your prepaid debit MasterCard Way2Go Card™ account. … • … • … Enhanced Features of Your Card. … •More items…

Can I transfer money from my smiONE card to my bank account?

It allows money to be electronically transferred from the FSPC, the State of Missouri, or other payer you authorize to your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card account. … The funds in your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card account are FDIC insured to at least $250,000 through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.

Does my Way2Go card have a routing and account number?

In order to DIrect Deposit your Refund onto your Way2Go Card, you will need to contact the phone number on the back of the card in order to get your Routing Number and Account Number.

Does Reliacard deposit on Saturday?

account? Once money is received to your case, there is a two-business day processing time frame until the funds are deposited onto your card. Note: Holidays and weekends may cause a delay of more than two days.